An Israeli Jewish citizen is suspected of driving the July 13 Netanya bomber to Israel, Israeli security sources reported on Tuesday.

The Israeli Public Security Service, Shin Bet, believes that Kfir Levy, 25, unknowingly drove the bomber and another Islamic Jihad man from the West Bank city of Tulkarem into Israel, while two other Israeli Arabs drove them from Taibeh area to Netanya.


Five people were killed in the bombing, for which Islamic Jihad took responsibility.

Israeli sources said Levy and the two Israeli Arabs will be indicted Tuesday on manslaughter charges. A fourth suspect, a Palestinian man from the West Bank was also arrested in connection with the bombing, the source said.

Levy told the Israeli security forces he was not aware he was transporting a bomber, the Shin Bet said.

‘If he had known these were terrorists or people on their way to carrying out something against Israeli residents, he would have done everything to give them up to the police,’ said David Zilberman, Levy’s lawyer.

However, the Shin Bet said Levy has admitted to regularly transporting Palestinian workers and car thieves into Israel.