The Al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fateh movement, said that it will hold Israel responsible for the assassination of Ahmed Abu-Zaida, one of its leaders, late Monday in Jabalia refugee camp. The group vowed imminent retaliation.

The brigades stated that despite the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip, it will retaliate for the death of abu Zaida, the brigades’ leader in north Gaza.

“Our response will be painful and shocking,” the group said. “It will also take place inside Israel.” 

Although the brigades blamed Israel for the assassination, the Israeli army denied any relation to the death of abu Zaida. An Army source said that the death of abu Zaida is apparently linked to conflicts among Palestinian factions.

A member of the brigades said that the group holds evidence which links Israel to the assassination of Abu Zaida, and added that Israeli security forces interrogated his family at a checkpoint, and asked them about the car of abu Zaida, who escorts him, and what kind of rifle he carries. 

“Such questions, only a few hours before his death, prove that Israel is behind it,” the brigades stated. “No Palestinian group, including Hamas, was interested in his death.”