Palestinian detainees in Benjamin Israeli detention, near Ramallah, are living in extremely harsh conditions with numerous Israeli violations of rights guaranteed by the International law.

Detainee Abdullah Mahmoud abu Rahma, who was arrested in Bel’in village near Ramallah 16 days ago, said in a sworn statement to lawyer Mohammad al-Shadfan, from the General Committee Against Torture, that “the detainees are living an extremely harsh life in detention, they cannot even find anything to eat”, he said, “and when they do get something to eat from the prison authorities, it is often uncooked meat given to prisoners while guards taunt them, saying, ‘Go ahead, try and eat this!’”

Abu Rahma added that the detainees had to break some of the wooden beds and burn them in order to cook their food, which endangers their lives.

“The food we cook is unhealthy, we do not want any tools to wash it, or clean it”, abu Rahma said, “we do not have cooking pots, or any other essential tools to cook the food ourselves”, he added.

The detainees at Benjamin detention appealed to humanitarian organizations and the International Red Cross Society to visit them in detention and visit all of the Israel detention prisons and detention centers.

Lawyer al-Shadfan said that these violations are depriving the detainees of their basic rights guaranteed by International Law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

“Article 26 of the fourth Geneva Convention states that the meals provided to the detainees should be sufficient in both quantity and quality to preserve the health of the detainees and avoid weight loss or other health problems”, al-Shadfan said

“While Israel considers itself a democratic state, it is practicing daily violations against the detainees, torturing them during interrogation, and isolating them under inhuman conditions”.

                                                                                                          Source WAFA