The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that it will cooperate with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian factions in order to turn the Gaza withdrawal into a national liberation, which serves as the initial point of liberation the rest of the occupied territories.

Ismael Haniyya, one of Hamas prominent leaders, said during a press conference on Wednesday that this withdrawal will not be the last, “It will be followed by further withdrawals from the West Bank and Jerusalem”, he said. “The Gaza Strip will serve as the model which shows the capability of our people of protecting their unity and national interests.’

“The period which follows the withdrawal is very important, the elections will be an important event, Hamas is seeking a national agreement and understanding in order to avoid conflicts following the Israeli withdrawal.

Also, Haniyya added that so far the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority did not arrive to an agreement on the evacuation file, although this issue was agreed upon in the Cairo talks, in addition to talks held in Damascus and Gaza.

Haniyya said that a national committee should be formed in order to supervise the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, follow the implementation of all internal agreements, and form special committees to work along with the technical committees of the ministries which were formed in order to closely monitor the Israel withdrawal and the needed arrangement for the post withdrawal period.

Also, Haniyya denied rumors that the movement prepared a secret army in order to control the settlements saying that “such rumors are incitement against the movement and it legitimacy.

Haniyya said that the settlements and evacuated areas should be used in order to serve the Palestinian society and economy instead of serving individual parties and figures.

Haniyya also said that Hamas and the Palestinian Presidents, Mahmoud Abbas, will meet after he returns to the Gaza Strip in order to discuss internal arrangements and agreements regarding employment and other projects in bid to enhance the Palestinian economy.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad movement did not exclude a future recognition of the state of Israel and said it would stop firing home made shells at Israeli settlements until after the disengagement to ensure a peaceful pullout. 

Israel has threatened to launch a vast offensive in Gaza Strip if attacks are carried out during the pullout of troops and settlers.

Khader Adnan spokesman of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank told IMEMC that halting shells is tactic and is related to Israel’s cease of attacks against Palestinians.

‘Halting the shelling aims at ending attacks against our people, and is related to Israel’s cease of aggression, if the situation on the ground is calm in Palestine, our brigades will stop the shelling but will resume if Israel attacks again’ Adnan said.