Jamal Jaradat, head of the Palestinian District Coordination Office on Jenin, said that all roads adjacent to the settlements slated for evacuation will be closed, starting on August 15, 2005.

The decision includes closing the roads between Jenin and al-Jalama checkpoint, Arraba-Jenin road, Baqa al-Sharqiyya and Dir Sharaf junction.

In a statement released to the Palestinian Radio, Jaradat said that the closure will last for one month, starting from August 15 which is the starting date of the implementation of the disengagement.

The army will withdraw from Arraba military camp, and the settlements of Sa-Nur, Homesh, Kadim and Ghanim settlements on three phases. 

The first phase will be evacuating the roads; the second will be evacuating the settlements while the third will be for removing the settlements.

Jaradat said that the P.A and Israel agreed to open an alternate road in order to enable the residents reach other areas in the West Bank.

Also, a Palestinian security source reported that a security meeting was conducted on Wednesday at the Eretz Crossing, north of the Gaza Strip.

Jamal abu Zayed, assistant of the Palestinian minister of interior and national security represented the Palestinian side, while the Israeli side was represented by Dan Hariel, Israeli army commander in the southern Gaza Strip.

“The two sides discussed the final details of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza settlements”, a source at the P.A ministry of interior said.

The meeting was described as positive; the two sides discussed details, military maps and needed arrangements for the withdrawal which will be carried out on the second half of August.