The Fateh Central Committee met on Sunday evening to discuss preparations for ensuring security in the Palestinian areas during the Israeli withdrawal and other security issues in the Gaza Strip.

The committee also said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will soon announce the final date for legislative elections.

Palestinian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Information Nabil Shaath, said the Fateh central committee will hold continuous sessions to discuss the Palestinian preparations for the Israeli withdrawal and the elections.

“The committee discussed all arrangements concerning withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank areas”, Shaath said. “It also discussed the insecurity in the Palestinian areas and the appropriate ways to ensure security. Minister of Interior Nassr Yousef submitted a full report regarding this issue.”

Abdullah al-Efranjy, a prominent Fateh leader, commenting on the attack carried out by Palestinian gunmen,who broke into the Red Crescent Society building to protest the arrest of Suleiman al-Farra, said the latter was arrested for ‘forming an army which was not approved or authorized.”

Al-Farra is the head of the office of Farouq al-Qaddoumi, head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

A statement which carried the signature of al-Qaddoumi gave the Palestinian Preventive Security a period of 24 hours to release al-Farra, who was arrested in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior reported that al-Farra was arrested in accordance with the law, without any violations, adding that the Palestinian security devices have the right to arrest any resident or official involved in violations or lawless acts.