Amr Mousa, Secretary General of the Arab League, said on Monday that the peace initiative that was approved by the Arab summit in Beirut in March 2002 and officially confirmed during this year’s summit in Algiers should be the foundation for Arab-Israeli peace talks in the upcoming stage.

Mousa demanded that the Palestinian factions unite in order to be able to face the upcoming stage without any internal conflicts that harm the Palestinian cause and people.

The Arab League head also charged that assaults by settlers have increased recently, while Israel has failed to act against them. That, he said, proves the state of Israel is an extremist state which fails to act against extremists who do not even hide their hostile intentions against the Palestinians and the Arab residents of Israel.

Denying reports that some Arab states arre backing away from the initiative, Mousa said any peace agreement with Israel will be cosistent with the initiative and decision taken by the summit.