Palestinian Foreign Ministry called the international world and the United Nations to keep recognizing the Gaza Strip as an occupied territory after the Israeli withdrawal.

“Gaza will continue to be under Israeli occupation even after withdrawal”, the ministry reported.

The Palestinian Authority presented a report to the United Nations, several foreign governments and international organizations calling on them to reject the Israeli claims that the withdrawal from Gaza would relief it from its responsibilities as an occupying country.

“The Fourth Geneva Conventions, and the Hague regulations will continue to apply on Israel as an occupying state”, the foreign ministry statement reads.

P.A Foreign Minister, Nasser al-Kidwa, said that even after the pullout from the Gaza Strip, Israel will still retain its control over the Palestinian airspace and territorial waters, in addition to maintaining partial control over the border crossings.

Al-Kidwa added that Israel will still control the movements of the residents and the Palestinian connections with the outer world.

Also, al-Kidwa said that the Israeli withdrawal is a move which “leaves the Palestinians short of full sovereignty” although it a “blow for the Israeli colonial policy”.   

Meanwhile, the P.A continued its efforts in order to boost the Palestinian security, and resumed the training of police and security men in order to control the evacuated areas.


P.A police chief in Gaza, Ala’ Husseini, said on Monday that the European Union has donated USD 20 million to facilitate the work of the P.A security and reforms.

Husseini added that the Palestinian Police started to conduct wide-ranging reforms which are important to facilitate the rebuilding of the Palestinian security devices, in order to enable the security and police impose order and security in the Palestinian controlled areas.