The International Red Cross suspended its field work in the Gaza Strip Tuesday after three UN workers – two foreigners and a Palestinian - were abducted in Gaza, the organization’s spokesman, Eyad Nasser, said.

“The International Red Cross has suspended all of its field work in Gaza,” a spokesperson told the Associated Press. “This decision was made in light of the shaky security situation there.”

The Red Cross office in Gaza was closed. The move came after two foreign Red Cross workers and their Palestinian driver were abducted by gunmen in Khan Younis on Monday.

The Palestinian police managed to free the workers unharmed after a shootout with the gunmen.

The International Red Cross’s field work includes patrols near conflict areas, such as areas close to the settlements, and public areas.


Dozens of Palestinians and about 25 foreigners work for the Red Cross throughout the Gaza Strip.

The abduction of the workers was said to be as a result of dispute between different branches of the Palestinian security forces in Gaza.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas instructed the security services to improve their control over the streets and impose law and order in every Palestinian-controlled area.