The Israeli police barred recently several Arab residents of Jerusalem from entering al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

The WAFA news agency reported that the Israeli police handed the residents official orders barring them from entering the mosque for a period of two weeks.

The agency identified some of the residents who were barred entry, as Samer Syiam, Misbah abu Sbeih, Ibtahim al-Ghazzawi, Haithm al-Jo’ba, Hamza Zghayyar, Ameen abu Zahra, Ya’coub Ishtiyya, Rafat Dweik, Jamal abu al-Thahab and Abdul-Rahman Issa.

Recently, the Israeli police barred Majed al-Jo’ba, from entering the mosque for six months in spite that he is an employee with the Muslim Waqf Department. 

Over the last few days, the Israeli police and security attacked dozens of homes and shops in the old city of Jerusalem, arrested and interrogated several residents without filing any charges against them, and barred them from entering the mosque.

One resident was hospitalized after the Israeli police interrogated him in al-Maskoubiyya detention, west of Jerusalem and remained unconscious for several days as a result of sever torture.

The resident, Nabeel Yousef from al-Wad Street in Jerusalem, was admitted to the Intensive Care unit at a hospital in the city.