The Israeli on Tuesday sealed off the northern West Bank settlements of Kadim and Ghanim after announcing them closed military zones, more than two weeks before they are scheduled for evacuation under the pullout plan.

No non-residents will be allowed to enter the two settlements, a rule intended to prevent pullout opponents from entering the two settlements.


The Israeli army said the decision was made after the defense establishment received reports that Israeli right-wing activists planned to enter the two settlements and occupy the empty houses.

The two settlements have only one road leading to them from al-Jalama roadblock. Soldiers at the checkpoint were instructed on Tuesday morning to prevent any entry of non-residents.

According to Israeli reports, most of the settlers of Ghanim and Kadim settlement have left their homes in recent weeks. The remaining settlers plan to leave voluntarily, an army source reported.

The army decided not to declare Sa-Nur and Homesh, the two other West Bank settlements slated for evacuation under the pullout plan, closed military zones.