The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine called on the Palestinian Authority, especially the Legislative Council, in order to close the political detainees file, and release them from Jericho detention facility.

Detainee Raed abu al-Haija, the media spokesperson of the Islamic Jihad, said that the Palestinian factions and people should unite and conduct the need procedures in order to release the political detainees from Palestinian detention facilities.

The detainees threatened to conduct an open ended hunger strike, and said that the movement is committed to the cease fire agreements arrived in Cairo, while they remained in detention in spite of all promises they received.

Also, the detainees called on the Palestinian Legislative Council to void the government if it does not end the file of the Palestinian political detainees in P.A prisons.

Detainees from al-Aqsa martyrs’ brigades along with Islamic Jihad detainees said that their planned hunger strike aims to shed the light over the political detainees’ files, especially after some source reported recently that there are no political detainees in Palestinian Prisons except Ahmad Sa’daat, the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, and some of his fellow comrades.