Army invaded, on Monday at down, the village of Bezaria near the West Bank city of Nablus and took over two houses that belong to residents there.

Hussein Salem, member of Bezaria village council, reported that the army, supported by a number of armored jeeps and military bulldozers, invaded the village, searched several houses and took over the house of Mufeed Abdul-Razeq using it as a military post.

In the afternoon, troops took over the house of Husam Khater from the village and forced all the family in one room in the house and turned the house into another military post.

The soldiers told Khater that they will stay in his house for more than a month, the source reported.

The house of Khater overlooks the main Nablus Jenin rood and the near by settlement of Homesh.

Homesh settlement is slated for evacuation under the disengagement plan.

Settlers of Homesh, attacked the village in the morning.  Clashes erupted between the settlers and the residents, but no injures were reported.