Israeli soldiers arrested on Monday a Palestinian reporter in the village of al-Shiokh, near Hebron, while he was trying to cross through a military checkpoint near the village.

The Palestinian Journalists Bloc in Hebron reported that Mohammad Zaitoun al-Halayqa, 42, was with his family when soldiers stopped his car and arrested him.

The Bloc condemned the Israeli procedures and the military assaults against the journalists in the occupied territories.

“This is considered an attempt to silence the voice which exposes the Israeli violations”, the Bloc reported, “The army does not want anybody to talk about their violations and assaults”.

The bloc also called on the humanitarian organizations and media institutions to act against the military violations and report their assaults to the public, and demanded that Israeli should release al-Halayqa and all the detained journalists.

Reporter Sameera al-Halayqa, the wife of Mohammad, said that soldiers detained her husband at a military checkpoint for several hours, south of Hebron, before arresting him. 

“They interrogated him at the checkpoint”, Sameera said, “They kept him held under the sun for several hours before arresting him”. 

Al-Halayqa is barred from leaving the country since 1977, and was even barred from leaving to Jordan for medical treatment.