Abdul-Fattah Hamayel, in charge of the file of the Wanted and Deported Fighters in the Gaza Strip, stated that their file will be closed following the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Hamayel stated that the Israeli side handed the Palestinians, during talks regarding this issue, a list of 22 wanted fighters from the Gaza Strip and 490 fighters from the West Bank.

“The files of the fighters included in the list will be officially closed following the Israel withdrawal”, Hamayel said.

Also, Hamayel added that the Ministry of Detainees and Freed Detainees confirmed that the P.A officially demanded Israel to release the Gaza Strip detainees following the withdrawal.    

According to the ministry report, there are 650 detainees from the Gaza Strip in Israel prisons. 

Meanwhile, Sufian abu Zayda, Palestinian Minister of Detainee Affairs, said that the Palestinian demands is in accordance to the International Law, and that Israel should release all of the Palestinian detainees after its withdrawal.