An Israeli military source reported that settlers of Shirat Hayam settlement, in the Gaza strip, hurled stones at the Palestinian neighborhood of Al Mawassi.

The settlers, mainly right-wing extremists, were holed up in Shirat Hayam, which is slated for evacuation; Israeli army expects the evacuation of the outpost to be difficult and violent.

Also, the Israeli Navy forces stationed a boat 150 meters away from Kfar Yam settlement, adjacent to Shirat Hayam settlements.

In Neveh Dekalim settlement, the largest settlement in the Gaza Strip carried out a Torah Scroll from a synagogue, apparently signaling the beginning of synagogues’ evacuation.

Earlier on Thursday morning, Israeli security forces surrounded the synagogue compound, which is the main center of resistance after 1.000 to 2.000 pullout opponents barricaded themselves in it.

Most of the settlers in the Synagogue are not from the Gaza Strip, an Israeli source reported. 

Israeli police initiated negotiations with the Yesha Council of settlements in an attempt to reach a deal for peacefully evacuating the synagogue. Police officials said that the synagogue will only be evacuated after all of the families have left the settlement.

On Thursday morning, soldiers evacuated the remaining families from Neveh Dekalim settlement, which was the main focus of operations after the army started the first day of forcible evacuations.

Only 100 families out of 460 living in Neveh Dekalim were at the settlement on Wednesday at night, an Israeli police source reported.