Israeli security forces forcedly evacuated 158 settlers and right-wing activists from 20 buildings in the Gaza Strip settlement of Kfar Darom known which is the most hardliner settlement in Gaza, while illegal infiltrators continued barricading themselves into the settlements’ synagogue.

Earlier on Thursday, soldiers forcedly evacuated 100 pullout foes from a religious school for girls in Kfar Darom settlement.

Illegal infiltrators have been barricading themselves in the synagogue for several hours, and a large force of soldiers and police officers in anti-riot gear have been surrounding the building since the early morning.

The settlers acceded to requests by soldiers and settlers leaders to leave the synagogue, while only the infiltrators remained inside.

Also, the Israeli police was trying to control the settlement’s secretariat, while pullout foes fortified themselves there and tossed paint at the soldiers.

Also, soldiers evacuated pullout foes from a nursery school at the settlements; one female protestor threatened the soldiers with a syringe she was holding in her hand, and claimed that the syringe in infected with AIDS; special forced were called to evacuate her. 

72 right-wing protestors were evacuated from a factory in Kfar Darom; one of the settlers was arrested for breaking a windowpane.

Also, one soldier stopped near the synagogue in Kfar Darom, and refused to follow military orders to evacuate it, Israeli military source reported, the soldier was apprehended and taken away from the scene.

Israeli Southern Command Maj. Gen Dan Harel, visited Kfar Darom on Thursday morning, and said that he hopes the settlement will be fully evacuated by the evening.

Meanwhile, Aharaon Franco, a military commander leading the disengagement force said that the “more

Army, Police start evacuating Kfar Darom

As the time given to the settlers in Kfar Darom to evacuate is up, army and police started evacuating the settlers and the pullout opponents.

During the operation at the synagogue, one military police soldier refused to carry out orders and began screaming, to the cheer of the crowds of settlers and pullout foes.  The soldier was immediately dragged away from the scene.

Troops prepare for Kfar Darom evacuation

Hundreds of pullout foes who barricaded themselves in the synagogue in the hardline Gaza settlement of Kfar Darom are going to face a large force of Israeli troops and police officers in anti-riot gear on Thursday, media sources reported.

Other protestors topped the roof of the synagogue and fortified the roof with razor wire to prevent security officers from reaching them.

The synagogue is one of many buildings in the settlement which anti-pullout hardliners barricaded themselves in.  Army and police manage to take over the other buildings and managed to get the protestors out, who mostly do not live in the Gaza Strip settlements. Security forces were expected to evacuate the infiltrators first.

The Israeli security forces gave the protestors a chance to finish their prayers in the synagogue and told them that they will enter if protestors are not out by 10:30 am, according to Israeli media sources.

The police expect a tough opposition to evacuation in Kfar Darom since at lest 2000 settlers and supporters are in the settlement who decided to resist the evacuation.

‘I believe that it may be more difficult in Kfar Darom because that is indeed where a more hard-core group has congregated,’ said a police commander involved in the disengagement.

Only 2 out of 73 families left Kfar Darom, unlike most of the other settlements, which more than half of its residents left before the disengagement officially start.

In addition to Kfar Darom, army and police plan to evacuate Neveh Dekalim, along with Shirat Hayam, Netzer Hazani, Gan Or, and Kfar Yam, on Thursday.

According to figures published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in its online edition, in the Largest Gaza Strip settlement of Neveh Dekalim, 209 of 467 families have already evacuated, where in Shirat Hayam, only 1 of 11 families evacuated.  In Netzer Hazani, 43 of 80 families left already, while in Gan Or, 36 of 57 families evacuated, and in Kfar Yam, 2 of 4 families evacuated the settlement.