Israeli soldiers imposed curfew over Al Mawassi area in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip; army claims that curfew was imposed over the Palestinian areas in order “to reduce tension” with settlers.

An Israeli military source reported that the curfew was imposed in order to enable the soldiers evacuate Shirat Hayam settlement “without problems” which might occur between the settlers and residents of the area. 

15 settler families barricaded themselves in the settlement, in addition to hundreds of pullout foes who fortified themselves there.

“20 settlers topped several homes in the settlement”, Israeli source reported, “They refuse to step down”.

Settlers of Shirat Hayam did not hand their weapons to the army, which raises fear among Israeli military officials that the settlers might use their arms against the soldiers during the forced evacuation.

Also, on Friday, settlers attacked Al Mawassi and fired rounds of live ammunition at dozens of Palestinians homes.

In Kfar Yam settlement, an extremist settler stood at the balcony of his home and threatened to fire at the soldiers if they approach him home.

The settlers Arieh Yitzhaki carried his M16 rifle and said using a loud speaker that “blood will be spilled if the soldiers approach his home”, an Israeli source reported.

There are 40 extremist settlers fortified in the home of Yitzhaki, including an extremist settler woman called Nadia Matar, who threatened recently to harm what she described as “the Nazi army”.

It is worth mentioning that Yitzhaki is wanted by the Israeli security for illegal activities. Recently Yitzhaki declared several days ago what he described as “self-rule” area in Kfar Hayam settlement.