An Israeli police source reported on Friday that the police averted a disaster in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, after a pullout foe torched gas depot close to a residential building.

Pullout foes also slogans against Sharon in Rehovot, calling him a murderer, and vowed that the gas depot is only the beginning.

An Israeli police source reported that fire fighters stopped a disaster and prevented what would have been a huge explosion since flammable materials were also found on the ground under the Gas depot. 

Shimon Gamliel, Rehovot Fire Department Commander, said that a call came in around 3 a.m reporting a small fire in the area, “but after the firefighters arrived the discovered the gas depot and the flammable materials”.

“The gas was leaking from the open valves”, Gamliel said, “fire began spreading, fortunately it is an underground gas depot, and its valves are above the ground”.

Yifrach Duvdevani, Israeli police commander said that Initial police reports revealed that this attack was intended to cause human loses.


“We must conduct extensive efforts in order to arrest this madman”, Duvdevani said, “we view this incident as a terrorist attack, taking in consideration that a residential building is only 30 meters away from the gas depot”.