A group of right wing protesters against Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza have escaped from a bus as they were being removed from a settlement, military sources say.

The activists fled into the Gaza Strip in a Palestinian controlled area. They are being pursued by Israeli soldiers.

The youths had been rounded up during the eviction on Friday of Gadid, one of few remaining pockets of resistance.

Meanwhile, Israeli army began digging 8-meter-deep trench around the Gaza Strip evacuated settlements of Gush Katif, said to prevent Palestinians from reaching to the evacuated settlements.

Following the evacuation of Gadid settlement, the army halted the operation for the Sabath.

Army officials said they need at least one more month to complete the withdrawal.  Evacuation of the remaining settlements in the Gaza Strip will be completed by next Tuesday, yet army needs three more weeks to demolish the houses, and to remove the military bases and outposts.

Army has already started demolished the settlement of Kerem Atzmona.  Cranes hoisted caravans and demolished permanent houses in the settlement.

Demolition of the settlements will be overseen by a third party, probably the World Bank, according to an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel will only knock down the walls of the houses, but the rest of the work, including the removal of the rubbles will be carried out by Palestinian and Egyptian construction companies, which will be contracted by the World Bank after the withdrawal is completed.