Israeli soldiers used excessive forced against a peaceful protest against the Separation Wall in Bil’in, west of Ramallah; 30 protestors were injured; seven international peace activists and four Israelis were detained.

Jonathan Pollack, an Israeli activist of Anarchists Against the Wall movement, said that 250 Palestinians, 60 Israeli and 30 International peace activists participated in the protest, which became a weekly event in the village since Israeli started constructing the Separation Wall.

Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated bullets, concussion grenades and gas bombs, in addition to a new sort of rubber coated bullets which sticks on the skin leaving some burn marks.

One of the protestors said that the army, as expected, used violence in dispersing the peaceful protest, and used its weapons, unlike the way soldiers are dealing with settlers during the evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip, in spite of numerous violent attacks carried out by the settlers including pouring acid at the soldiers and police officers.