Israeli government, on Sunday, formally approved the evacuation of the last seven settlement enclaves slated for demolition under the unilateral disengagement plan, by 16-4 vote, Israeli sources reported.

Similar to last week’s vote, Likud Ministers limor Livnat, Tzachi Hanegbi, Danny Neveh and Yisrael Katz, opposed the step which covered the remaining three settlements in the Gaza Strip and four in the northern West Bank.

Two of the northern West Bank settlements, Ganim and Kadim, already stand empty, and the other two, Sa-Nur and Homesh are to be evacuated later this week.

In the Gaza Strip, two out of three in the northern part of the Strip are already evacuated.  Meanwhile, the remaining residents of the third one, Eli Sinai, will leave after Sunday’s vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, slammed those who oppose his disengagement plan.

‘There are ministers sitting in the government who are still critical of all of the government’s actions,’ Sharon declared at the cabinet session. ‘Some appear in the media constantly and explain the government policy, such as (housing minister Yitzhak) Herzog and (Defense Minister Shaul) Mofaz,’ he added.

Sharon’s comment was seen by some ministers as an invitation for them to quit the government.

Health Minister Dan Naveh said ‘you want people to leave the government,’ to which Sharon replied, confirming the invitation ‘anyone who wishes to leave the government can leave.’