Israeli army bulldozers began razing settler houses in two evacuated Gaza Strip settlements, Nissanit and Dugit, Israeli sources reported on Sunday.

At least 30 houses have been razed so far in the two settlements in the northern Gaza Strip.  Some 200 bulldozers in Gush Katif are awaiting demolition orders.

The Palestinian Authority and Israel agreed that the latter will only knock down the

One main road was flanked by piles of rubble where homes once stood. Broken tables, smashed pipes, toy trucks and children’s clothes littered the streets.

Most of the residents had already evacuated the settlement but groups of soldiers went from house-to-house Sunday warning any people who were left inside to leave.

A Palestinian watching the demolition on TV commented, ‘Israel has been demolishing Palestinian homes for over 35 years, and no body cared,’ and added, ‘now when Israel is demolishing settlements that are illegal in all means, the world feels that it is painful for Israelis.’

The man, who refused to have his name published, said the evacuation of settlements may be a real step on the way of peace, if followed by similar steps in the West Bank.