Israeli Military Intelligence research chief Brigadier-General Yossi Kuperwasser, head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Research Department, said on Monday evening that the Palestinian Authority had foiled an attack against an Israeli target.

Israeli military radio reports that Kuperwasser told the Knesset Foreign and National Security Committee on Monday that two armed Palestinians intended to carry out an attack in Israel, but the P.A managed to foil their plan.

Kuperwasser claimed that Palestinian armed groups are planning what he described as “a series of attacks” against military targets north of the West Bank.

“Palestinian factions are competing among themselves”, Kuperwasser said. “Every party is trying to claim victory and get credited for ‘pushing Israel out.’”

Kuperwasser also said that Israeli military intelligence believes that the resistance will renew its attacks after Israel completes its withdrawal, army radio reported.

On Monday evening, the Israeli army claimed to have uncovered a bag filled with explosives in the Al Mawassi area of the Gaza Strip.

According to the army, Islamic Jihad intended to use the explosives to carry out a suicide bombing against the army during the Gaza pullout.