Detainees in the Negev detention facility appealed Human rights organizations to interfere in order to enable detainee Khaled Hasan Hassan, 39, from Qibia, West of Ramallah, receive the needed medical aid after his health condition has sharply deteriorated.

Hassan contracted an acute infection four days ago but was not provided with any medical treatment, which sharply deteriorated his health condition causing general weakness in his body and high fever.

Representatives of the detainees at the Negev detention facility appealed the administration to provide Hassan with the needed medical aid, but the administration ignored their appeal.

On Tuesday morning, the detainees carried Hassan and placed him at the entrance of their tent demanding the administration to transfer him to the clinic; the soldiers transferred Hassan later on to the clinic, but the prison nurse only gave him an injection to relief his pain without any further examination, then he was sent back to his tent.

Hassan, a father of five children, was placed in administrative detention without trial last year; Israeli Prison Authority renewed his administrative detention orders for additional six months which are due to be over soon, if no addition renewals are forced against him.

Hassan suffers from high blood pressure, infection in his intestines and respiratory problems. 

The detainees at the Negev detention facility filed several complaints to the administration demanding to receive their rights, but it ignored their complaints and threatened to confine some of them to solitary.