The evacuation of 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip and four in the northern West Bank ended in six days only, not in two weeks as announced by the Israeli army before disengagement started.

The army expects to have its troops out of the Gaza Strip by September 15, after removing all the settlers’ possessions and dismantling the military bases there, ending 38 years of occupation in the Gaza Strip.

By the first day of the evacuation process, half of the settlers from the Gaza Strip were already gone and two out of four settlements in the northern West Bank were already empty.

Israeli evacuation forces did not operate in Ganim and Kadim settlements in the West Bank because they were already empty before evacuation started.

On the other hand, Palestinian faction fulfilled commitment they made that there will be a quite pullout from their side.

Yet, Israel reiterates accusations and fears of Palestinian attacks.

The Southern Command of the Israeli army, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, wants to complete the withdrawal as soon as possible, out of concern that soldiers left in Gaza after the withdrawal of Israeli settlers are ‘sitting ducks’ for Palestinian resistance groups.

Yet, army’s departure from the Philadelphi route, along the Gaza Strip-Egypt border, awaits Israeli cabinet approval and might be postponed until October.

Egypt and Israel have finalized an agreement over the border issue, through which Egypt will control the Gaza-Egypt crossing point.

On Tuesday, the army demolished the houses in seven settlements; Ganei Tal, Netzer Hazani, Rafiah Yam, Slav, Shirat Hayam, Morag and Bedolah.

Today additional houses will be demolished, including those in Nisanit and Gan Or and the houses in the four evacuated northern West Bank settlements of Ganim and Kadim.

Israeli sources said the areas where the four evacuated settlements in the West Bank will not be transferred at present to the Palestinians.

Settlers threatened to return to the settlements, yet the army has placed Sa-Nur and Homesh under heavy military guard.