Settlers escalated their attacks recently against local, international and Israeli journalists reporting on the evacuation of the settlements, in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Nasser Eshtiyya, a Palestinian reporter, said that a group of settlers were chasing an Israeli military jeep in Sa-Nur settlement, in the West Bank, while the soldiers speeded out of the settlement in an attempt to “run for their live”.

Eshtiyya was at the settlement with a cameraman working for Ramatan Press Agency when the settlers who were chasing the military, noticed them, and started to throw stones at them.

The soldiers shouted at the two reporters telling them that they should escape because the army will not be able to protect them.

Eshtiyya said that the settlers also attacked Israeli and international reporters, threatening to harm them if they do not leave the settlement. Most of the settlers were masked and carrying sharp tools and stones.

The Palestinian Reporters Bloc considered the attacks carried out by the settlers while soldiers were present, as a sort of indirect cooperation between the settlers and the soldiers who were supposed to be there in order to maintain law and order, and arrest the violent settlers who are attacking the reporters, the local residents in the surrounding areas, and even the Israeli soldiers.

The bloc called for international protection for the reporters, who have been recently subjected to dangerous escalation and violent incidents.