Extremist Jewish groups started recently a media campaign calling for leveling Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as a “compensation for evacuating the settlements in the Gaza Strip”.

Al Aqsa Foundation for Rebuilding the Islamic Holy Sites reported that these groups distributed colored leaflets showing two images of Al Aqsa Mosque; the first image shows a settler surrounded by Israeli soldiers during the evacuation of Gaza settlements, while the second side of the leaflet has a photo of the dome of the rock and some other parts of the Aqsa Mosque, with a big crane destroying the dome and some parts of the Mosque.

The leaflet also has a slogan written on it “Soon we will level the Temple Mount [Al Aqsa Mosque] as compensation for leveling the settlements”.

Al Aqsa foundation held the Israeli government responsible of any attack against the mosque, especially after fundamental Jewish organization voiced repeated threats to attack it.

Also, the Israeli media published recently several reports about these groups and its declared intentions and “ready scenarios of attacks against the Mosque”.

“The idle status of the Israeli government against these threats is considered encouragement to these groups to carry their attacks out”, the foundation reported, “This incident comes after Israel declared its intensions to intensify its settlement projects in Jerusalem”.