Resident Yasser Omar, from Beit Amin village near the West Bank city of Qalqilia, reported that a group of settlers standing on a hill close to the Separation Wall gate, hurled cocktail bombs at the cars of Palestinian residents celebrating a wedding in the village.

“Soldiers who were guarding the Wall gate did not even attempt to interfere or chase the assailants,” Omar said. “We also saw graffiti written there, calling for the killing of Palestinians.”

The settlers were standing on a hill close to the gate when they started to throw stones and molotov cocktails at the residents’ vehicles.  Damage was reported, but no injuries.

The residents were attacked while heading towards Azzoun Atma village, where the family of the bride resides.

Because Azzoun Atma village is located behind the separation Wall, residents are forced to wait until the soldiers open the gate of the wall and allow them in.

Settlers of Qadumim settlement, near Qalqilia, are known to support the outlawed Israeli Kach movement, which calls for expelling and killing the Palestinians.

There are more than 53,000 settlers living in 18 settlements around Qalqilia. The settlements of Alfeh Meneshe and Qadumim are considered the biggest settlements in the area.