A mob of extremist Jewish Israelis attacked two Arab residents of Israel, from Ar’ara village, in the north of Israel, while the residents were working at a public park in Ramat Gan city.

The two residents, Mohammad Yasser and Hazim Omar, were working at the public park when a group of over 40 extremist Jews attacked and beat them.

One of the victims managed to escape, and ran to Ramat Gan police station to report the attack.

The police said that the other victim should come to the station and file a complaint, ignoring the statement of the first victim, who told them that his friend was still in the hands of the extremist group.

The second victim was able to escape much later, and made his way to an Israeli hospital in the area.  He suffered injuries all over his body, none of them critical.

Israeli Arab officials criticized the police for their lack of interest in protecting the Arab residents, and added that such carelessness by the police encourages the extremist Jewish group to increase their attacks against the Arab residents of Israel.

The officials demanded that Israeli security and police take measures to protect the Arab residents, who have lately been subjected to increased threats and attacks.