Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Sana’ Dweik, reported that the detainees are facing daily hardships and bad living conditions in Israeli detention centers, while dozens of detainees are still confined to solitary imprisonment.

Dweik visited several detainees in Telmond Hasharon detention, on Tuesday, and listened to their complaints on the bad conditions they face and the lack of medical treatment for the sick detainees.

The detainees said that there are several detainees who need direct medical attention and treatment, while the administration is only providing them with painkilling pills.

Detainees Mohammad Abu Sbeih, Saleem Al-Jo’ba, Ahmad Al Shweiky, Ahmad Abu Hajla, Sief Mashayegh, and Fuad Khammash, complained that the administration is neglecting the rights of the detainees, and is not providing them with cleaning tools, or materials to exterminate the bugs and insects in the rooms and cells.

Telmond Hasharon detention includes several sections; while the worst sections are, 

- Section 1, includes 100 detainees.

- Section 7, 63 detainees.

- Section 8, 43 detainees.

- Section 9, 135 detainees.

- Section 10, 144 detainees.

The detainees are deprived from their visitation rights and are subjected to continuous attacks by the soldiers.

One of the noticeable cases in detention is the case of detainee Na’ima Naqaida, who “celebrated” her fourteenth birthday in prison.

Naqaida was arrested from her home after entering a settlement carrying a knife after soldiers annexed all of her family’s land in order to construct the Separation Wall.

She spent 45 days in solitary confinement in Be’er Shiva, and then she was transferred to Hasharon detention.

Also, detainees in section 4, 7,8 and 9, demanded the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees to visit them, to take better care of them, and expose the Israeli violations to their rights, especially after their living conditions have deteriorated and after the repeated attacks against them in addition to the illegal policies of confining some detainees to solitary without any reason. 

Dweik also said that representatives of the detainees held talks with the prison administration, but they were always faced with dead-end responses and “empty promises”.

The detainees demand the administration to stop its collective punishment policies, to end it policies of imposing high fines on them, to solve the problem of over crowded rooms, in addition to other demands regarding their health conditions, medical treatment, and to solve the problem of the “over-heated” rooms and humidity.

Detainee Mohammad Abu Sbeih, told lawyer Dweik that he is suffering a skin disease but the administration is not allowing him get any medical help. Also, detainee Ahmad Al Shobaky was harshly clubbed beaten by the soldiers causing pain in his neck and back, in addition to several other detainees suffering from health problems but were not provided with any medical help.

The administration also cut the power supply in section 4, for three days, after the administration claimed that one of the detainees was “inciting” the detainees while he was leading prayers.

Prisoners Supporters Society slammed the Israeli procedures which violate the principles of human rights and the international law.

Also, the society reported that the following detainees are currently barred from their visitation rights; Mahmoud Mousa – Nablus, Jalal Abu Sarhan – Bethlehem, Yahia Tweir, Tulkarem, Firas Turkman – Jenin, Yasser Arafat – Nablus, Talal Qalalwa –Jenin, Abdullah Al Hreimy – Bethlehem,  and Sakher Issa – Jenin.