A fundamental Jewish group attacked, on Thursday evening, an Arab resident of Israel while he was working in his orchards, and demanded him to leave his land after claiming that it’s owned by them.

The resident was identified as Najeeb Qais, 45, from Beit Jan, from the Higher Galilee.

A local source in Beit Jan said that a group of fundamental Jews attacked Qais while he was working in his farmland; dozens of residents rushed to the scene and protected the resident.

The Israeli police arrived to the scene and evacuated the group without arresting any of them, a local source reported.

Recently the several Arab villages and cities in Israel were subjected to repeated attacks carried out by Israeli fundamental groups.

The residents fear that the settlers, along with some Israeli officials institutions are attempting to grab their land.

During the late eighties, the Israeli authorities attempted to grab lands which belong to residents of the area, but the residents and several institutions managed to bar the authorities from grabbing the groves.