The Israeli and Swiss soccer teams and the spectators were shocked to see several peace activists running into the soccer field carrying slogans in support of the Palestinians during a match that joined the Israeli team with the Swiss team in Switzerland.

At around the 52 minute of the game, several peace activists rushed in to the field carrying big banner reading, “Free Palestine”, “End the Apartheid” while other protestors carried Palestinian flags, and ran around the field.

In response, some pro-Israeli spectators jumped into the field carrying Israeli flags.

The security guards managed to get the protestors out of the field and held them for questioning.  The might be fined for breaking the law.

This World Cup qualifying match was held in Basel, and ended in a 1-1 draw.

Apparently, the reason behind choosing a soccer match is that protestors wanted to manifest their rejection to the occupation and the construction of the separation wall, often called the “Apartheid wall” by the anti-occupation groups,  to a wide audience.