Salem Israeli military court sentenced seven Palestinian detainees to high terms, and delayed announcing the verdict against seven detainees.

The court sentenced Murad Mousa Faisal to one life term, Baha’ Hasan Kassab to three years, Ammar Issa Ma’rouf to four years, Shaher Ali Najmi to twenty months and 2000NIS fine, Ra’fat Abdul-Qader Safadi to 15 months, Fareed Jamal Thiab to sic months and 2000NIS fine, Mo’taz Kayed Eslayyim to 3 months and 1000NIs fine.

(1 USD = 4.48 New Israeli Shekels)

Also, the court postponed the trial of the following detainees;

Samer Sameh Aghbar postponed until 22/9/2005.

Rami Ali Mustafa postponed until 14/9/2005.

Rafeeq Faisal Hanani postponed until 28/9/2005.

Ayman Farah Abu Aisha postponed until 29/9/2005.

Bashar Abdul-Jawad Zreiqy postponed until 11/10/2005.

Ala’ Ed-Deen Thiab postponed until 15/9/2005.

Taha Hani Qaddoumi postponed until 11/10/2005.

Midhat Ahmad Atyani postponed until 16/10/2005.