The office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, denied on Monday reports that Israel is planning to construct 3000 homes for settlers in Ariel settlement, in the West Bank.

The office released a statement denying any knowledge if the approval of 3.000 housing units in Ariel.

“The office has no knowledge of the claimed approval of 3.000 units” Sharon’s spokesman reported, “We don’t even know were this number coming from”.

David Baker, an official at Sharon’s office said that 117 new apartments were previously approved to be marketed in Ariel.

Mofaz approves the construction of 3000 units in Ariel settlement Bloc

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz approved the construction of 3000 units in Ariel settlement Bloc, near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli deputy defense minister Zeev Boim said on Monday that a modification will be conducted on Wall section known as “Ariel Finger”, in the east of the settlement bloc. 

Boim added that Mofaz sent the approval of the construction plans to the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and demanded the contactors to speed up the construction of the Separation Wall around Ariel settlement. 

Boim added that Israel will not be conducting further withdrawals in the West Bank, “Whoever believes that there will be disengagement in the West Bank, is mistaken”, Boim stated, “Jewish settlements in the West Bank will be promoted and boosted”.

“Pullout is over”, Boim said, “We will build another 3000 units in Ariel”.

“The Wall surrounding big settlement Blocs in the West Bank will be completed next year”, Boim said, “The Separation Wall route which surrounds the West Bank, from north to south, and the Wall which encircles Jerusalem will be completely constructed by the end of this year”.

Very small sections of the Separation Wall were constructed on the green line, which separates the West Bank from Israel, while most of the routes of the Separation Wall are constructed on Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

Meanwhile, officials at Ariel settlement bloc believe that the population in Ariel will grow from the current 18.000 to 30.000 within a few years.

“We must reinforce our hold on settlement blocs in the West Bank”, Boim told the Israeli Ynet news website, “Likud members should come here in order to understand the importance of this historic mission of defending the settlement blocs”.

“Ariel settlement bloc is an inseparable part of Israel”, Boim added.