Five Palestinian civilians were killed; at least 35 were injured in a blast which rocked a home in Al Zaytoun neighborhood, east of Gaza city, a Palestinian medical source at Al Shifa Hospital reported on Monday evening.

Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of Al Shifa hospital said that four residents were killed in the exploded home, in addition to one woman who was standing close to it, at least four of the injured residents were seriously hurt.

Al Saqqa added that the number of casualties might rise as rescue efforts precede.

A local source in the Gaza reported that the explosion was huge causing damage to several homes in the area, and in Wadi Al Arayes area, south east of Al Zaytoun neighborhood.

Palestinian security men and civil defense teams rushed to the scene and conducted extensive efforts to put off the fire which erupted in the home and several surrounding home.

Three homes were completely burnt and damaged; two of the homes belong to Farhat family, while the third belongs to Obeid family.   

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said that the P.A will probe the explosion and determine the sides behind it.

A Palestinian security source reported that the explosion might be caused by an explosive charge which accidentally detonated while in the preparation process. The fire which broke out after the explosion reached gas canisters causing a series of explosives.

Israeli army denied any connection to the blast.  However, eyewitnesses said there was an Israeli helicopter hovering in the area few hours before the blast occured.