A Palestinian medical source reported on Tuesday at night that an Israeli tank fired rounds of live ammunition at a group of Palestinian youth and children who gathered near the evacuated settlement of Moragh, killing one and injuring three others.

The source stated that Nimir Al Sa’dooni, 18, sustained a live round in his chest causing instant death, three other youth sustained moderate wounds.

The children were peacefully marching and celebrating the settlers’ withdrawal; an Israeli military spokesman claimed that soldiers fired at the residents after 40 – 50 youths ran into the settlement, while other climbed on a tank.

P.A police was alerted than the youth entered the settlement, but the police did not show up, the source claimed.

Following the killing of the child, Palestinian resistance fired a Qassam homemade shell which landed in the western Negev, no injuries were reported.  

Israeli military established issued a strict warning to the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday evening, demanding it to prevent any marchers from entering Gush Katif prior to the military withdrawal from the area.