Israeli Housing Minister, Yitzhak Herzog, said that Israel does not intend of construct in E1 area between Maali Adumim settlement and Jerusalem, in the coming years.

Herzog told the Israeli Radio that the Israeli government approved recently the construction of a Police station in the area, and that there are currently construction efforts inside the settlement, which is inhibited by 32.000 settlers.

Recently, Israeli media revealed that the Israeli government is planning to construct 3500 housing units in the area located between Maali Adumim and Jerusalem, in order to bloc and geographical contiguity between the Palestinian areas, and isolate Jerusalem from the West Bank.

Herzog, a member of the Labor party, said that the recent conflicting statements regarding this project are part of the “internal conflict” at the Likud party. 

Israeli MK Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week that he intends to run for Likud leadership.

Netanyahu said that Israel should go ahead and implement its plan to expand Maali Adumim settlement and connect it with Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli Minister of Education Limor Livnat, called on Monday for implementing the project.

Also, the Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the Israeli Housing Ministry is funding security arrangements for settlers of Ateret Cohaneem extremist group, which occupied a Palestinian building in Silwan neighborhood, east of Jerusalem.

The settlers occupied the seven-story building and claimed its ownership.