The Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) who claimed responsibility for killing Mousa Arafat, senior aide to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, denied reports that they have killed his son, Manhal, who was kidnapped during the attack on Arafat’s house Wednesday before dawn, Palestinian source reported.

The PRC accused Mousa Arafat of corruption and of being an agent to the Israeli intelligence, claiming that this is the reason behind his assassination.

PRC’s Spokesman, known as Abu Abeer, said that Manhal Arafat is subject to interrogation now and he is not killed.  Abu Abeer added that Araft’s fate is related to the results of the interrogation.

‘If he is approved involved we will not wait to kill him, and if he is innocent, he will be released,’ adding that results of the interrogation will be published later.

Popular Resistance Committees killed Mousa Arafat

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) claimed responsibility for killing the of Mousa Arafat, former chief of Military intelligence, former head of the national security forces and the military advisor for the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his house in Gaza city, Wednesday before dawn, Palestinian sources reported.

The PRC also claimed responsibility for abducting Arafat’s son, Manhal.

Although some sources said that PRC killed Arafat’s son, news about the killing is not confirmed yet.

Abu Abeer, spokesman of the PRC in Gaza Strip, was quoted as saying that Mousa Arafat was a corrupt and collaborator with Israel, saying that more information will be published about his assassination on video tapes soon.

Abu Abeer said, the PRC are interrogating Arafat’s son who is in their custody now.  He said that results of the investigation with Arafat will be also published to the press.

Ex-chief of Palestinian Military Intelligence assassinated

The former chief of the Palestinian Military Intelligence, and cousin to the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, was killed and his son was kidnapped when dozens of unknown gunmen stormed his house in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Palestinian sources reported.

65-year-old Mousa Arafat was shot dead and his son Manhal, 29, who is his right arm, was kidnapped by the gunmen in Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza city.

Palestinian security sources said, at least 20 loaded vehicles participated in the attack. 


Eyewitnesses said, they heard an intensive shooting, and explosions.  The witnesses believe an exchange of fire erupted between the gunmen and Arafat’s guards before he was killed.

Apparently, Mousa Arafat was executed, in his officer and moved outside later.

Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that a security officer, who arrived at the scene soon after the assailants left, told PNN ‘The two-story house was extremely damaged and I went into Arafat’s office and saw traces of blood leading to outside the house.’  ‘Apparently, they shot him and dragged him outside the house later,’ he added.

‘Arafat received a fatal bullet to the back of his head,’ said the officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

So far, no body claimed responsibility for the attack and Palestinian official refrained from pointing figures at anybody.

Palestinian police started a probe in an attempt to identify the doers.

Arafat was the head of the military intelligence, and play a key role in the security forces in the past ten year.  He was forcefully-retired upon orders by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last March, before he was promoted to become the Head of the National Security Forces.

Following his retirement, Arafat served as a military advisor to the Abbas.

In his first response to the assassination, Abbas called emergency meeting of security commanders and his Prime Minsiter Ahmed Qurei.

Arafat survived an assassination attempt last year, when a car exploded near his house as he was coming back from his office in Gaza city.