Israeli security arrested on July 30, 2005 a Palestinian policeman suspected of killing six Israeli soldiers in Ein Arik, in 2002, Israeli source reported.

The Israeli Secret Security Services, Shabak, allowed on Wednesday, the publicity of the arrest and the details of the operation.

According to the Shabak, Daoud Haj, a Palestinian policeman, carried out the shooting along with another resident identified as Shadi Sa’aida, 22 years old.

The Shabak reported that Sa’aida admitted during interrogation that he and Haj fired at Israel soldiers at a military checkpoint, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, killing six soldiers and injuring two others.

The operation was carried out on February, 19, 2002.

Also, the Shabak stated that Sa’aida and Al Haj stole ammunition and a rifle from the Mokata’a, the Palestinian Headquarters in Ramallah, to carry the operation out.

Sa’aida said that he arrived along with his colleague at Ein Arik military checkpoint by Taxi, stepped out, and opened fire at the soldiers, then headed to a Caravan in the area and fired at the soldiers who were there, an Israeli security source reported. 

Soldiers fired back and managed to wound Al Haj, the source stated.

The Shabak also claims that Sa’aida’s commander at the Palestinian National Security, Kamel Jarjawi, knew that the two carried the shooting out, but remained silent.  

Sa’aida headed to the Mokata’a, and hid there for a long period, but he resumed his activities, planned and carried several shooting attacks against the army, Israeli security claims.

Ofer Shilah, military analysts at the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, told the Arabs48 news website, that the Israeli army carried several “revenge attacks” against the Palestinian police, and killed at least 50 policemen.