The Israeli Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that it wants to return to Lebanon the body of Hezbollah fighter killed two months ago on the northern border.

The International Red Cross will transfer his body to the Rosh Hanikra crossing.

The fighter, identified Milhim Hussein Salhab, was killed last June, 30. 2005, while exchanging fire with the Israeli army in the Hard Dov border area.

Milhim, who comes from a prominent Lebanese family, was buried in Israel after he got killed in the clash.

The Lebanon based Hezbollah part has been exerting pressure on Israel through international bodies, in order to return the corpse of Milhim.

An Israeli military source reported that two other fighters were with Milhim during the clash, but they escaped leaving him and equipment behind including weapons and a camera.

Hezbollah has been attempting to retrieve the body of Milhim through indirect routes, and did not appeal Israel directly to return the body; at first Hezbollah appealed to Lebanese government representatives to aid in this issue.

The importance of the dead man to Hezbollah’s leadership quickly emerged. Hezbollah launched a campaign to get the body back through indirect routes, not appealing to Israel directly. The first appeal was made to Lebanese government representatives.

Milhim was born in Saida, in Lebanon, became a member of Hezbollah party in 1984, and participated in several operations against the Israeli army, in the Sheva farms, south of Lebanon. 

Israel tried to trade the body of Salhab with information from Hezbollah regarding the Israeli pilot Ron Arad, who was captured by Hezbollah in October 1986, yet his destiny remains unknown.