Israeli defense Minster, Shaul Mofaz repeated, on Friday, his opposition to the demolition of the synagogues in the Gaza Strip, saying that he prefers that the Palestinians should do so instead of the army.

Mofaz told the Israeli Radio that it is difficult for him, “as a Jew who was raised in a religious-traditional home”, to instruct the soldiers to destroy and blow up Jewish synagogues.

Mofaz added that in spite of his personal attitude, he would instruct the army to level the synagogues if the is instructed by the government.

“I believe its preferable that the Palestinians should carry the destruction of the synagogues” Mofaz said, “Many Israelis and rabbis think this way, it is better than having the soldiers demolishing them”.

The Israeli cabinet will make the final decision in its Sunday meeting.

Mofaz added that he prefers that the synagogues should remain intact, and that that the P.A should will be asked to safeguard them, although the P.A rejected the proposal, and refused to take responsibility for the buildings. 

Also, Mofaz suggested that Israeli should try to find better ways to prevent the leveling of the synagogues by transferring the responsibility on them for “other parties”.