Shortly after his captives released him, Mahal Arafat, son of the recently assassinated ex-PA security chief, Mousa Arafat, said there are foreign fingers which tries to affect and impose things on the Palestinian politics, which stand behind the killing of his father, Palestinian sources reported on Friday.

Manhal 29, a Military Intelligence officer was kidnapped when 100 armed men attacked the house where he and his father were staying and killed his father on Wednesday before dawn.

Following his release issued a statement given to the press accusing some Palestinians, although no names were mentioned, of “conducting an ‘armed robbery’ in his father’s house as the attackers believed that there were weapons and ammo, as gossiped by some Palestinians who are interested to disturb stability in the Palestinian areas,” he added, “no weapons or ammo were found in the house.”

Manhal said that the assailant did not expect the level of resistance they faced during their attack, adding that some of them were wounded, before his father was killed.

“This mob, tried to camouflage their crime by releasing rumors that I confessed about wrong doings they accuse my father of committing, which I completely denied despite the continuous sever torture I faced in the past 48 hours,” Manhal added.

Manhal Arafat who is from Al-Kidweh family said in his statement he does not seek revenge, saying that he wants the Palestinian Authority to make the needed measures to track down the doers and punish them, and to unify the arms in the Palestinian areas.

The Kidweh family said in the statement they will not open a mourning house for their diseased until the law is implemented in this case, which is to find the doers and punish them.

Mousa Arafat, who was the military advisor of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was buried in Gaza on Friday in a military funeral, with the absence of many PA officials.

The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), who first claimed responsibility for assassinating Mousa Arafat, denied their responsibility later and accused the Palestinain Minister of Civil Affairs Mohammad Dahlan, who was in Amman for medical treatment when the incident occurred, of standing behind the assassination.

The PRC said Dahlan managed to frame them in assassination, and admitted that some of its members are involved.