Mesheke Bin David, who is now the new headmaster of the Secondary School for Science and Arts in West Jerusalem, was involved in the failed assassination attempt of Khaled Mash’al head of the political bureau of Hamas in Jordan in 1997, Maan News reported.

Two Mossad agents injected Masha’al with an unknown poison on September 25, 1997, in an attempt to kill him.

Bin David who was the coordinator for the assassination operation was waiting, at the intercontinental hotel in Amman, when the wrong person showed up at the hotel with ‘bad news’ that Masha’al did not die and the two Mossad agents were captured by the Jordanian security.

Therefore, he managed to get all the Mossad agents, who were scattered in the streets of Amman, to enter the Israeli embassy.

Shortly after the two agents were interrogated, and the Jordanian security found out that the two have used Canadian passports to enter Jordan, Bin David received orders to hand an anti-doze syrup to the Jordanian security, which will cure Masha’al from the poison.

Bin David expressed his feelings about the operation saying that ‘This was a big failure, however this is not the norm, there are many successes that no body heard of,’ and added that the reason behind the failure is ‘very bad organizational education and criminal thinking inside the Mossad.’

53-year-old Bin David’s security involvement started intelligence life after he graduated from the Israeli air force.

Bin David studied Arab literature and philosophy and served for the Jewish Agency in several countries.  He received his PhD in Management Science, after which he found out that he is unable to run an academic life.  Therefore, he went back to the Mossad after he read a Job Vacancy ad in the paper. He served the Mossad until 1999.

Analysts say his history will affect the way he deals with the teachers and therefore in the long run, it will affect the students also.