A Palestinian young man was killed and three others were injured at the Rafah-Egypt border on Monday when the Egyptian border police opened fire at a group of Palestinians, Palestinian sources said.

Nafez Adnan Ateyyeh, 34 was killed as he was trying to smuggle food from Egypt to the Gaza Strip, the source added.

The Egyptian border police opened fire at a group of people who approached the border fence in the Rafah area.

Ateyyeh is the first Palestinian to be killed after the Israeli military withdrawal from the strip.

Scores of Palestinian rushed to the area that the army evacuated in the early hours of Monday morning.  These areas were inaccessible to the Palestinians in the past 38 years because of the Israeli military presence in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, some Rafah residents managed go through the first fence near Yebna refugee camp and met with some of their relatives from the Egyptian side of Rafah and shook hands and hugged through the fence.

Egyptian security officers asked the Palestinian security forces to bring the residents back to Rafah.

Egyptian officers said scores of Rafah residents tore down the fence that separates the Egyptian half of Rafah from its Palestinian half, few hours after the Israeli military left the area.