The International Press Center reported that the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, phoned on Monday evening, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in which the later briefed her on the situation in the Palestinian territories, particularly the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip and parts of northern West Bank.

Rice, demanded the Palestinian and Israelis to “take advantage” of the withdrawal and move forward to reach a solution for other outstanding issues in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Rice described, in a statement at the margin of UN meetings in New York, the Israeli withdrawal as a ‘historic moment’, and praised “the smooth and orderly” withdrawal which came as a result of coordination between Israel and the P.A.

”We congratulate the Israelis and Palestinians on their effective coordination in recent months and particularly during the actual implementation of disengagement over the last four weeks,’ Rice’s statement said.

Rice also hoped the continuation of cooperation by the United Nation and the Quartet to the help the Israelis and the Palestinians to revitalize the de-developed Palestinian economy and provide support for the Palestinian security troops to restore law and order.

On its part, the USA department spokesperson welcomed the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip as it will promote the security of Israel and pave the way for establishing a Palestinian state.

‘We salute the commitment of both sides to a successful disengagement and note that that commitment has been impressive, ‘the USA department of state deputy spokesman Adam Ereli.

Also, Ereli added that the USA is looking forward the cooperation between the Israeli and the Palestinian to continue.

‘We will be working with the Israelis, with the Palestinians and with our Quartet partners on the next steps in the process”, Ereli said, “particularly to revitalize the Palestinian economy, to help the Palestinian security forces restore law and order and, and to advance the President’s vision of two states living side by side’.