Lawyer of the Prisoners’ Supporters Society, Sana’ Al Dweik, reported that the health conditions of Palestinian detainees placed in Al Ramleh detention facility hospital are sharply deteriorating, and that several detainees need urgent surgeries.

Al Dweik visited, on Monday, several sick detainees placed at the detention hospital, who informed her of bad the treatment they face, and lack of medication and medical equipment.

Lawyer Al Dweik met with Kheir Al Barghouthi, 20, from Aboud village near Ramallah, sentenced to 9 months, Akram Salama from Nablus, sentenced to 30 years, Mansour Mouqidy, from Al Zawiya village near Nablus, sentenced to one life term, Ahmad Tameemy from Ramallah, sentenced to one life term, and Ala’ Hassouna, who was not sent to court yet.   

“When I heard that the prison am visiting is a hospital I though it was a hospital, patients relaxed and taken care of”, Al Dweik said, “but when I went there, I found out that it’s a disaster, there is nothing over there, no equipment, and even no proper medications”.

Al Harbawi said that the following cases need urgent attention and proper medical intervention;

Akram Salama, suffers continuous internal pain, and barred from his visitation rights.

Kheir Al Barghouthi, was shot injured in his leg and stomach, needs surgery.

Mansour Mouqidy, was shot injured during his arrest, he has three bullets in his left leg, causing paralysis, suffers a bladder disease, and his stomach was replaced with an artificial one. 

Yet, Mouqadi was recently confined to solitary for seven days, and was forced to pay 1000 NIS fine after the administration claimed that he went on hunger strike after he was not provided with the needed urine and feces bags.

Ahmad Tameemy awaits kidney implant, while prison administration is demanding his to pay 9000 USD to conduct the operation.

Abdul Raouf Abu Atsha, suffered a heart attack, and is currently in a very critical condition. 

Ala Hassouna, suffers a heart disease, was operated last month, but was not provided with the needed medication, and now he is in a critical condition, and contracted and infections in his lymphatic glands.

Qasem Ayyad, paralyzed and needs medical equipment he uses on daily basis.

Several over detainees are facing health problems, infections, but are also not provided with the needed medical care and attention.