Arab member of Knesset Dr. Ahmad Tibi (Hadash-Ta’al party), said on Tuesday during a special Knesset session, that he supports destructing, but not burning, the synagogues in the Gaza Strip.

“You are asking that Palestinians to be more Jewish than the Jews”, Tibi said, “I don’t like to see structures, which had meanings, set on fire, even Sharon defined them as structures which served as synagogues, and decided to destroy them but reversed his decision due to fear of Likud Central Committee.”

Also, Tibi added that he supports the destruction of the mosque in Dahaniya, located in south Gaza, which was inhibited by collaborators with the Israeli security.

“It has no Islamic value”, Tibi stated, “It is also a symbol of the occupation”.

Meanwhile, Shas party chairman, Eli Yishai, said that he expects Arab members of Knesset to condemn the burning of evacuated synagogue buildings in Gush Katif.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry accused the Palestinian Authority of not being a “peace partner after failing its first test”.  

MK Abdul-Malik Dahamshe, from the United Arab List, said that synagogues located throughout the entire Arab world are preserved and protected, but synagogues in Gaza are a different issue since they are part of the occupation. 

Israeli Chief Rabbi, Yona Metzger, said that Israeli should not make a political issue out of the destruction of the empties buildings, “There are no holy sites left in Gaza”, he said.

Likud MK, Deputy Defense Minister, Zeev Boim, said that the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, dealt with the synagogues issue with sensitivity, adding that despite of the criticism regarding reversing the initial decision on the synagogues, “Jews can appreciate the indecision on this issue”.

MK Uri Areil, from the National Union party, tore a piece of his clothing in the Knesset; this is a ritualistic move in mourning of destruction of Gaza synagogues.

Ariel added that “it is a shame that there are some who aren’t grieving the destruction of the synagogues”, yet he does not suspect anyone of being happy”.

The Islamic Movement in Israel said that the Israeli decision not to demolish the Gaza synagogues was aimed at justifying the destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. 

“This is considered direct incitement against Muslim and Christian holy sites”, the movement reported, “especially against the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem”.

“There are some extremists in the Israeli society who are already saying that Israel has the right to destroy Al Aqsa mosque, in retaliation to the destruction of Gaza synagogues.