Detainee Shukry Al Khawaja, from Na’lin village near the West Bank city of Ramallah, lost his sight in his right eye as a result of a disease contracted in an Israeli detention facility; currently infections are appearing in his right eye, which could completely blind him.

Al Khawaja severed nine and half years in Israeli prisons, but before his was to be released, an Israeli court placed him under an administrative detention order for additional four months, which were renewed recently for additional six months; Al Khawaja is in the Negev detention camp.

Doctors who work with the Israeli Prison Authorities (ISP) said that he needs immediate surgery, and should be hospitalized to receive the needed medical attention and treatment, but the ISP denied that request.

Al Khawaja said that he will appeal to the Israeli High Court of Justice and is still awaiting its response, and added that he will strike if his legitimate needs aren’t met.