Settlers in Hebron area escalated their attacks against the Palestinian residents, and attacked on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning several homes, vehicles and residents, while Israeli soldiers failed to arrive until the settlers had already left the attacked areas.

A local source in Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, reported that settlers stopped three Palestinian cars driving on the main Hebron-Jerusalem road, close to the camp, and hurled stones at the residents and their vehicles, after blocking the road.

Also, a group of extremist settlers of Sweisa settlement, in the south of Hebron, attacked on Thursday, dozens of residents of Al Sammoa’ village, while they were working in their farmlands, and hurled stones at them.

The residents fist fought with the settlers while attempting to protect their lands, while the settlers attempted to force them out in order to expand the settlement.

In a separate incident, ten young settlers of Keryat Arba’ settlement, in Hebron, closed a main street which leads to the city and hurled stones at dozens of vehicles; the front glass of three cars was damaged.  

Extremist settler groups significantly escalated their attacks against the Palestinian areas since the Israeli Prime Minister announced his disengagement plan, during and after the evacuation of settlers from the Gaza Strip.

Settlers in several West Bank areas carried dozens of attacks against the residents in the occupied territories, in addition to the Shfa-Armr terrorist carried out, on Thursday August 4, 2005, by a deserter settler soldier, who staged in a bus and opened fire at the passenger killing four Arab residents of Israel, including two sisters. 

The terrorist who carried the attack was identified as Eden Natan-Zada, 19 an army deserter who moved from Rishon Letzion to the West Bank settlement of Tapuah.

On Wednesday August 17, 2005, an Israeli extremist killed four Palestinians and seriously wounded four others on Wednesday afternoon, when he opened fire at a group of Palestinian workers in the industrial zone of the West Bank settlement of Shiloh.

The terrorist Asher Weisgan, a 38-year-old driver from Shvut Rahel settlement, in the West Bank used to transport the workers to and from the industrial zone on daily basis.